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Our Prinicples

We guide our law practice and our business by these five principles

1. Our philosophy on the practice

Intellectual property is a complex area of law that demands specialization. We cannot effectively serve clients as generalists, so we don’t try to do so. We limit our practice to those areas in which we have high levels of skill and passion — mainly the protection of patent and trademark rights. We consider the strategic building of portfolios to be the primary component of an intellectual property program and never view it as a loss-leader.

2. We know who we are

We are intellectual property attorneys. We don’t handle any matters based purely on state law (real estate transactions, wills, etc.).

We only hire employees who share our passion for intellectual property law and who demonstrate a willingness to learn our approach to the practice. We do not hire associates or agents simply for the sake of growing the firm.

3. We know who we want to work with

We want to work for inventors and organizations that share our passion for intellectual property and that value strategic portfolio-building. We want to work for portfolio builders, not those merely seeking to assemble a pile of patents.

4. We do “traditional law firm stuff” better than traditional law firms

We pride ourselves on being responsive and communicating effectively with our clients. We don’t have a receptionist — unless we are on another call, in a meeting or otherwise directly assisting a client, we answer our own phones. We treat e-mail the same way, usually responding to each e-mail received within a few hours.

We provide cost predictability by offering our clients billing structures that work and that make sense for everyone.

5. We participate and contribute to our communities

Our offices are located in our respective hometowns. We love our communities, and contribute to them in various ways.